Teamviewer 6: How to Connect to your Remote Desktop using a Browser.

Provide Remote Desktop Support using Teamviewer and Samsung Smart TV TeamViewer GmbH is one of the leading providers of remote control and online-presentation software that offers TeamViewer 6. In which the new version brings innovative connection options and performance enhancing features to the all-in-one solution. In version 6 the QuickSupport customer module, designed for fast … Read more

Polycom Unveils Unified Communication Innovation in the Philippines.

Polycom extends its solution from Enterprise down to the Consumer Networks Level What is Unified Communication Solutions? As defined by Mr. Randel Maestre –  Polycom’s Senior Director of Industry Solutions, Unified Communication is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, call control and … Read more