ECO-PRODUCTS International Fair 2009

Qlick Blog Visits Eco-Products @ SMX Convention

Last Saturday, March 21, 2009, my daughter Thea and I went to SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines. We went their to see the latest environmental friendly products showcased by more than 100 local and international companies.

There were 83,469 visitors who joined the event. As we entered the exhibition hall, my eyes catches the electric powered zero-noise tricycle which is locally developed, the event features solar panels, (light emitting diode) LED lamp, Eneloope Bike (Friction and Battery Powered Bike) and a lot more . One of the hit makers in the expo was the touch screen quiz by Panasonic. Panasonic also show cases there “ECO-IDEAS”, which features eco-friendly products such as “Viera” (Plasma TV), Lumix 10 megapixel Camera, Inventer Vegerator (Refrigerator) and Envio Airconditioning which saves you 50% on power consumption and most of all it’s free of substances harmful to the environment.

The event also features the Actual “Green Home” built with eco-friendly materials in which Thea went in and out several times. She also enjoyed the Display of Winning Pieces of the International Environmental Children’s Painting Competition. We both have fun from the event and enjoyed each booth. The government should initiate and host more of this kind of events.

I appreciate the Eco-Products International Fair 2009 very much, because aside from we were able (my daughter and I) to have bonding together… I was able to exposed my 3yr old daughter on how important our environment and how we can help to save it.


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