5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2020

Over $4 billion dollars is spent on business technology each year. Most business owners realize that in order to attract new customers and remain productive, they have to use the latest tech tools at their disposal. Relying on old and outdated methods of communicating or managing projects can result in a variety of mistakes being made.


This why staying in the know regarding new business software and apps is so important. Each year, thousands of new apps and software aimed at making business owners more productive hits the market. Deciding which apps are right for your needs will require some time and research. Read below to find out about some of the apps every business owner needs to be using in 2020.

1. Use CloudMagic to Manage Your Email Inbox

For most business owners, communicating by email is something they do on a daily basis. The more people you give your email address to, the harder you will find it to keep up with the influx of new messages each day. The last thing you want to do is miss an important email from an employee or consumer due to your inability to manage a full inbox. This is why using CloudMagic is a good idea.

With the ability to search through your inbox and the vast cross-platform capabilities provided by this program, you can easily manage your inbox. Not only does CloudMagic allow you to have multiple users on your account, it can also interface with other software like Trello or Evernote. The ability to connect CloudMagic to other apps is that it can allow you to find the information you need without having to search through various apps and interfaces.

2. Make Work Meetings Easier With Accompany

If you are like most entrepreneurs, using data you have collected is something you do quite often. Whether this data is in the form of notes about a meeting or an email from a client, using it to make your day more productive is essential. Using a program like Accompany is a great way to make the information you need more accessible.

This program allows you to connect all of the most important programs you use daily to stay connected. Programs like Twitter, Facebook and Gmail can be connected to allow you the ability to access helpful information. The information from these programs is taken and used to develop profiles/biographies of each of your connections. This means you can glance at a contact and figure out how they fit into your day.

3. Slack Helps Keep You Connected

Putting together a team of hard-working and motivated employees is no easy task. For years, business owners around the globe have used remote workers to help them lighten their existing workload. The key to having success with remote employees is finding a way to stay connected. While using things like virtual assistant services can help you manage employee relations, you need to find a better way to communicate with your team.

This is where Slack comes in. This cloud-based program allows you and your team to communicate on a regular basis. Not only is this a great tool for communicating and managing remote employees, you can also keep track of your onsite team as well. The main goal of the team at Slack is providing business owners with a hub for useful information.

4. Square Helps You Process Payments From Anywhere

If you are constantly on the go, then making it easy to handle the needs of consumes with the push of a button is crucial. Some business owners have to process payments while they are on the go, which can be a bit challenging without the right technology in place. The Square program is designed to help businesses of all sizes process payments on the go.

After signing up with Square, you will be sent a magstripe card reader that can plug into your tablet or phone. Having the power of payment processing at your fingertips allows you to serve your customers and meet their needs when you are out of the office. The team at Square also have a variety of other tools designed to make the life of a business owner/entrepreneur easier.


5. Wunderlist Can Keep You On Track

Most business owners have extremely busy schedules. Trying to keep up with all of the work-related things you have to do throughout the course of the day can be difficult. Instead of trying to keep up with this information in your head, you need to consider using the power of Wunderlist. With this app, you can share grocery lists, work to-do lists and more with the click of a button. It also syncs with your other devices to make staying on track a breeze.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

Being a successful business owner will require you to stay on the cutting edge of technology. By using one or more of the tools mentioned in this article, you can stay one step ahead of the competition.


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