What is WFM Jobs?

WFM is becoming popular in Philippine employment industries. WFM or Work from Home job is a mobile or remote job. Many companies world wide are into business process outsourcing and now offering high paying job ranging from PHP 20K – PHP 40K depends on the technicality.

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Problem accessing a particular site?

I have this problem that I wanted to share. After the long holidays last December 2008, I can’t access one of my website at the office. But it is accessible at home and even from other offices. I called my hosting provider about it and they told me that, its working fine from there side. … Read moreProblem accessing a particular site?

Baguio Vacation 2008

Last December 2008, We went to Baguio to celebrate our Christmas party with Going Straight – SM Baguio employees. The following day along with the other Going Straight’s Managers, we strolled Camp John Hay after the party. We enjoyed viewing tourist spots and picture taking around Baguio City.

Enchanted Kingdom – Christmas Vacation

December 26, 2008 – Enchanted Kingdom Treat Yesterday we went to Enchanted Kingdom, and of course … jammed packed and heavy traffic. Despite of everything, my children enjoyed the Christmas treat from their Uncle Carlo working in Dubai. Below were the images of what had happened during the trip…