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Payment using BPI Cardless ATM Deposit.


BPI International Direct Savings Account
Account Name: Teofilo Jose J. Medina Jr.
Savings Account No.: 0483213425

Deposit Cash anytime, real-time

Deposit your cash without the assistance of a branch teller! A first in the country, the Express Deposit Machine is an online deposit facility for BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct cardholders which allows actual cash deposit with real-time credit to account.

This machine accepts cash in P100, 500 and P1000 denominations and is credited to your account IN AN INSTANT.

As proof of your Express Deposit transaction, you get a transaction receipt.

No forms to fill up. No need to put your cash in an envelope . Use BPI Express Deposit Machine (YELLOW ATM) to do your cash deposit transaction.

Just follow this instructions:

How to make an Express Deposit without your ATM Card (PDF)


For assistance Call or Text: 09228860377