Preparations before attending a webinar.

“Three (3) important tips before attending a webinar.”

Last Thursday September 17, 2009, Digital celebrated their 10th Anniversary and hosted (8) eight online seminar or webinar that same day. I was fortunate I was able to attend one of their webinar entitled “Make Money through Blogs” led by Ms. Janette Toral and sponsored by Although it’s my first time attending an online seminar, I have learned a lot from it that’s why I wanted to share some tips to my readers  before attending a webinar.

A webinar is an online seminar where the seminars and the speakers will be presenting topics or discussion online or in the internet. The webinar can be interactive, so attendees should have to take note the following:

1. Prepare your questions ahead of time.

  • From my experienced,  a lot of questions were raised that time and  all of them were answered. Planning your questions ahead of time will help you a lot in getting the right information or answer that you’re looking for.

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